Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Should i join UIIT ?

Hi , i left UIIT Shimla in the 1st semester but still in touch with the institute by various means. Actually i look at it everyday and realise that leaving the college was good for me. You may be thinking why i am saying this.
The college is a self-financed govt. institute which means :
The fees are as  high as a private college but facilities as low as a govt. college.
Its better to join better private colleges than doing B.Tech IT in UIIT shimla. 
Whatever i tell here is not any personal comment but iam telling just the truth. UIIT is not in very good shape and you should consider the facts about it before joining UIIT. You can verify every line by visiting UIIT. They are true and iam just helping you out to carefully choose your college.
click on the links below to know the facts about it:
1. The UIIT building/infrastructure
2. Placements
3. The Director, faculty and administration
4. The results
5. Is everything written in prospectus true ?

Monday, 15 April 2013

Is everything written in prospectus true ?

The biggest lie is the prospectus. ( I dont have one right now, otherwise i would have cleared all the doubts ) some of them are :
1. There is no Drawing hall as mentioned in the prospectus.
2. There new building is never gonna belong to UIIT.
3. Students themselves have to make their career. College name or campus placements will not help here.
4. Placements are explained separately Placements.

The academic results !!

In UIIT they ruin the career of many brilliant students. In the first semester of batch 2012 only 6 students out of 130 have passed. What about others ? are they all dumb people ? No, somewhere the teaching methods are held responsible for this. For example, The subject EGD in first semester requires an EGD lab where students can practice. But every year students attend the EGD exam and they have rely on cheating. Because UIIT does not have an EGD lab even after spending lacs of rupees for every student. Students get disheartened to see these results and they cant get placed even after being skilled enough to do the job. Also students get very poor internal assessments which reduces their aggregate percentage which leaves its impact on placements and whole career while students from other colleges get better grades and look better on the paper during placements.

Faculty and administration!!

The faculty of college is never excited to do something for college. You can check the UIIT official website ( if its server is not down at the moment :p) , the website is almost never updated, the website is irresponsive and it can't attract any companies. UIIT has mostly guest lecturers which is never better than dedicated expert permanent faculty.

Placements from UIIT

Barely one of two companies visit UIIT for placements. Most of the students get their placements struggling and travelling to other colleges (Baddi, CGC Landran, Chitkara etc.) again and again. UIIT should not be credited for those placements. Also you may consider getting admissions to these other colleges instead. Students have to struggle a lot for placements here. Sometimes they have to wait the whole day sitting in the campus of CGC Landran. Sometimes they fall victim to some mismanagement and they are not even allowed to compete for placements and return disappointed from Chandigarh. Just in case a company visits UIIT for placements, they would want to conduct an online test for placement which requires a computer lab but computer labs of UIIT are never robust and ready to conduct online tests. This throws a bad impression on the company visiting UIIT. They boast about placements but only the students know what conditions they are suffering from.

The UIIT building/infrastructure!!

UIIT does not have its own building till now. They keep saying to every new student that their new building is ready and we are about to shift but more than 5 years have passed, they never shifted. UIIT grows in a basement floor in which their are only 3 classrooms while they have 7 batches to teach. This is what you get after paying Rs. 4 lac for your studies in a govt. college. UIIT students do not get hostels and they have to stay as paying guests. The standard rates of PG is at least Rs.5500/month. So you should be wise enough to do the math and realise what you get when you leave UIIT after 4 years.